Larry E Coburn, Thinking Coach


Live2Lead: Eugene was held October 13, 2017, on the beautiful campus of Northwest Christian University in Eugene, Oregon!

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Larry Coburn, Leadership & Lean Thinking Coach

Now based in Eugene, Larry has 37 years of international business experience in Finance, IT, Marketing, Training, Lean Manufacturing, and Leadership Coaching.   Larry adds value by coaching leaders and teams to think with more clarity and act with effectiveness.

Larry has a BS in Accounting from the University of Oregon, and an MS in Ministry from Pepperdine University. He lives in Eugene, Oregon where he enjoys hanging out with his family, sports, travel, and trying to learn golf.

How To Work With Larry

+1 (503) 432-3220

Eugene, Oregon USA

Business and Lean Experience

▪Since 2008, Larry has focused on applying lean to non-manufacturing business environments, as well as continuing to work with factories – primarily in the footwear and apparel industries.

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▪He develops and delivers training for lean coaches in the US, Europe, Americas, and Asia in the business areas of IT, Finance, Sales Operations, Human Resources, Administrative Services, Supply Chain Logistics, and Product Development.

▪2003-2008 Larry was a key Spokesman and Thought Leader for NOS (Nike’s Lean Manufacturing initiative) and the chief architect of NIKE’s Lean Manufacturing “House” — which remains the basis for Lean Training, Implementation, and Assessment within NIKE Manufacturing partner base.image001

▪Larry served as Director of NIKE’s Lean Training Center in Vietnam for 5 years — responsible for training over 300 senseis from 40 factories spread across 6 countries and cultures, who are today driving the lean transformation of the Athletic Footwear Manufacturing Industry.Larry Palm

27 years with Nike ’81-’08

Business roles included the following:


▪Sales Analyst

▪IT Innovator

▪PC Coach and Trainer

▪IT Program Manager

▪Lean Manufacturing Training Director

▪Lean Leadership Coach and Internal Lean Consultant

▪Retired from NIKE May 2008.IMG_1847 larry and paula

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