How to Work With Larry

If you are interested in consulting services from me, I try to keep it simple…here are some basic points:

– Engage me, and you get me.  I’m the only consultant in my company, so I bring 100% of my attention to you and your challenges.  I’m not distracted by managing a large stable of other consultants and employees.

– I strive to add value to my customers, so I won’t try to do things with you I’m not experienced with.   (I have a lot of colleagues and mentors who have different skills and experiences – and I’m happy to introduce you to them with no strings attached)

– Talk is cheap (how about free?).  Contact me and let’s talk.  My approach is to begin by understanding your current situation before proposing any specific consulting engagement.  Sometimes, you just need to think outloud with someone external to your situation, and I’m happy to do that whether or not it results in a paid engagement.

– In my engagements with clients I strive for Learning by Doing.  Whether the format is structured training, individual/group coaching, improvement projects, seminars, or presentations, I utilize as much activity and application to real situations as possible to maximize learning.

– LeanLarry is more than a clever ID.  Lean thinking and practice is the foundation of my consulting practice, and I have been working to apply Lean to a wide variety of arenas:  Product Development, Design, Marketing, Sales, Distribution, Logistics, Finance, Human Resources, Learning and Development, Management, Leadership, Service, Non-Profits, and, on occasion, Manufacturing.

–  My rates are negotiable, depending on size, scope, time commitment, etc.  I only want to work in situations where I represent a positive return on investment.

Contact Me and Let’s Talk:  email to:   ph:  +1-503-432-3220