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            RODER Mercedes-Benz AMG conference to build brand museum

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            RODER Mercedes-Benz AMG conference to build brand museum

            RODER Mercedes-Benz AMG conference to build brand museumIn the June 39 Conference Dinner, RODER canopy as an international high-end brand trusted canopy brand suppliers, dinner tents with 25M span of the evening tents. 300 square meters of aluminum structure of the ballroom, inflatable flat top design, the event site to accommodate 400 people. Unique container superimposed entrance design and a large area of advertising surface display to AMG conference more beautiful, more banquet add a lot of fun. Housing appearance is high-end, elegant, clean, generous.RODER canopy can help you show the unlimited creativity of the banquet, highlighting the distinguished activities,Improve the quality of your outdoor activities, enhance your outdoor image!

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